Commitment to Wellness

Foundations of Wellness

Our commitment to vibrant health is the foundation in which we serve.  

  • Local Organic Produce
Our Assisted Living Commitment to Wellnes

Organic Produce delivered daily!  We love to support our local community as well as provide the freshest in-season produce.

  • Concierge Doctor

Paradise Villa residents have the option to be cared for by our in house, private pay Concierge Doctor. This removes the stress of transport to an off-site doctors office.  Doctor Approval required.

  • Advanced Laundry System

Our “Hospital Standard” washer & dryer system is designed to remove germs, mold, and bacteria without the use of harsh chemicals and treatments.

  • Chemical Free

We use cleaning products that are safe for our residents and environment!

  • Smoke Free

We love breathing our fresh ocean air! That is why Paradise Villa Assisted Living is a mandatory Smoke Free Zone.

  • Purified Water System

Residents at Paradise Villa can be sure that they are drinking purified water through our state-of-the-art Reverse Osmosis System.

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