Assisted Living Options

Option #1
Companion Suites

A popular choice because companionship is a very important part of Senior Living.  Other benefits Include:

  • Cost savings
  • Avoiding Isolation
  • Emotional Support
  • Frequent Socialization
  • Memory Care “Dementia”
  • Couples Staying Together

"A great choice for our patients transitioning out of Skilled Nursing.
I'm also a huge fan of their 24-Hour Care!"
- Director of Social Services -

Private Suites

Private Suites may be preferable due to a variety of reasons.  Benefits of a private room include:

  • Special Situations
  • Independent Residents
  • Ideal For Hospice & Bedridden
  • When Your Budget is Less of an Issue
  • Receiving Care in a Private and Dignified Manner

Confidently, you can start the process knowing that we have 24 Hour Caregivers in place.

Give us a call to discuss your specific needs: (831) 475-1380


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