Top 3 Reasons Assisted Living is More Affordable than In-Home Care

Top 3 Reasons Assisted Living is More Affordable than In-Home Care

Reason #1:
More Affordable 24 Hour Care

Should your Loved One have care available at all times of the day and night to assure their safety?    

If so, our Assisted Living Community is a more complete and affordable choice! compared to In-Home Care.  Here is why:

Because we operate with “24 Hour Awake and Ready to Help” care-givers around the clock… Our current promotion begins at a very affordable $6.25 per hour.  This fixed monthly rate includes a shared room & board, healthy prepared meals, activities, and both low & medium levels of care for a tremendous value!

Rates for Paradise Villa Assisted Living

Reason #2:
Commitment to Wellness

Our Assisted Living Commitment to Wellnes

Our “Commitment to Wellness” is integrated into the care services we provide.  In-Home Care would have a tough time competing with an established and integrated system like ours that has been around over 40 Years.

Specifically, our cornerstones of wellness are factored into our rates and they include 3 Fresh & Healthy Meals per day.  Moreover, these meals are prepared with organic and local produce which is delivered daily!

Also included in our wellness services is dedicated staff to specifically manage medications.  The purpose we have this specific Medication Technician role in our community is to ensure the best possible outcomes for your family – without mistakes.  

Therefore, when comparing options with In-Home Care you will quickly realize the high cost of food is not included with the In-Home option.  In comparison, with us you’ll also benefit an organized and integrative approach that is distinguished within the Senior Living Community.

Reason #3:
We Create Quality Time

Assisted Living Saves You Time

Here’s the equation: 

Quality Care = Peace of Mind + High Quality Family Relationships!

Moreover, our goal with Assisted Living Care is to create a platform for high quality family relationships.  That’s because everyday we witness greater wellness with our services as the foundation to thrive.  Many families report improved “peace of mind” once the concern for their Loved One’s safety solved

Even though this quality time is the 3rd reason on the list, it remains our #1 reason inspiring our purpose.  So, we hope you leverage this time to love more deeply while remaining in a positive zone with your family.

If you have increasing care needs that need to be addressed, please get in touch with us for a chat about your options:

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